Tuesday, 2 February 2010

What Really Happens To The Clothes No One Buys?


Read this if you want the shocking truth about the what happens to the clothes that don't get sold....this really is an eye opener.

It seems to be a case of one step forward, two steps back for the fashion industry.

as the appetite of shoppers for the new encourages retailers to turn stock over ever-faster, where do the garments that are left go?
One employee at a
London branch of a famous US fashion chain put this question to the store's manager last week, after spotting a pile of unsold clothes taken from the shop floor. “I was horrified by the answer,” she says. “Most of it is burned, I was told. Some clothes will go on sale again — coats and a few other things that won't date. But the company doesn't hang on to much.”

Companies take note: There ARE creative solutions for pre-consumer waste, burning clothes or slashing them so they are unwearable is not acceptable!